Friday, 18 December 2009

Bumper update!

well, in the wake of Ben’s awesome find of competely disturbed meta-manga, i have to make up in quantity when i cannot compete in quality.  without further ado, I present:

Super Mario Metal! complete with gay ending!

next:  The Tetris God

Obama pills!


Sonic vs Pac-man

did you know that pac-man is so called because japanase people, when they eat, don’t go “yum yum” or “miam miam” or anything like that – no, they go “paku-paku”. FACT.

credit: many of these video game-themed links i came across via the excellent stream called “we love video games"

man weds anime game character!  (guess where?)

Read up on what the correct technique for peeling a banana is.  if you need practice, but want to avoid the calories, why not use a banana peeling simulator?  more info here, make sure you read the description!.

some fail:


from thanks george

hilarious prank on twitter - you’ll have to scroll down to the first few updates to figure out what’s going on…

and finally, a quote from a friend of mine, who would probably wish to remain anonymous, but that was of such high quality that it should be shared with the rest of the internets:

"I was trying to see which setting to put my fan on without my lenses and it fell on my face , but i was drunk naked and simultaneously eating cheese and crackers so i passed out - woke up to a bruised nose, how many times???"



  1. Eh, I read it was going to be called "Puck Man" because it looks like a puck, until someone pointed out that it wouldn't take much work for teenagers to improve the name. So pac man it became. Possible Fact.