Tuesday, 1 December 2009



finally got me copy of the new Neal Stephenson book, and it is as awesome as you might expect. 

meanwhile, here’s a crazy story about going on the lam in the USA, with the whole of the internets chasing you.

Here is the latest episode of “…in Japan”, I think I’ll let the URL speak for itself: http://pinktentacle.com/2009/11/bra-doubles-as-golf-putting-mat/

and finally, a quick plug for three web-based businesses run by people I know. it probably breaks the unspoken terms of service of this site to post them, but its Christmas, could come in useful:

  • Cider Online – Broome Farm cider
  • Grannies, Inc – custom beanies knitted by grannies
  • Watch Me Go – nice affordable watches, including sweet-ass retro casio digital ones. 12% off if you use the code FRIENDSOFWMG at checkout.

[update]  and finally, here’s a DJ Cripple old school playlist:

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