Friday, 18 December 2009

Bumper update!

well, in the wake of Ben’s awesome find of competely disturbed meta-manga, i have to make up in quantity when i cannot compete in quality.  without further ado, I present:

Super Mario Metal! complete with gay ending!

next:  The Tetris God

Obama pills!


Sonic vs Pac-man

did you know that pac-man is so called because japanase people, when they eat, don’t go “yum yum” or “miam miam” or anything like that – no, they go “paku-paku”. FACT.

credit: many of these video game-themed links i came across via the excellent stream called “we love video games"

man weds anime game character!  (guess where?)

Read up on what the correct technique for peeling a banana is.  if you need practice, but want to avoid the calories, why not use a banana peeling simulator?  more info here, make sure you read the description!.

some fail:


from thanks george

hilarious prank on twitter - you’ll have to scroll down to the first few updates to figure out what’s going on…

and finally, a quote from a friend of mine, who would probably wish to remain anonymous, but that was of such high quality that it should be shared with the rest of the internets:

"I was trying to see which setting to put my fan on without my lenses and it fell on my face , but i was drunk naked and simultaneously eating cheese and crackers so i passed out - woke up to a bruised nose, how many times???"


Monday, 14 December 2009


First, Abstraction. That's pretty weird. Then, by the same artist (Shintaro Kago):

The Memories of Others.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A pome

a poem by my mum:

As I was sitting there, not thinking very much,

Quite quiet, eyes bemused by the flick’ring picture’s touch,

A spider descended slowly, slowly from its hidden seat

And landed, oh so delicately, between my slippered feet.


It was not a very big spider, barely visible at all.

In fact, by domestic standards, it really was quite small

And my poor eyes could barely see the thread

That attached it to the beam above my head.


Securely anchored, self absorbed, serenely unaware

That I could be death’s instrument, just for a petty dare,

Randomly exploring the carpet, this arthropod so neat

Turns eight legs, this way and that, between my slippered feet.


I looked at the spider and I suppose it  looked at me

But exactly where its eyes were, I really could not see.

Then it went back up, drawing in its slender thread ,

Slowly, slowly, no explanation, to its beam above my head.



Now my mum’s poems are usually a bit deeper, but this one was so much fun I thought I’d share it with the internets. not bad for someone with english as a second language eh?

meanwhile, here’s a round of the stuff that made me giggle on the onion video:

Saturday, 5 December 2009

swine flu prevention tips from cosmo


I love the last one in particular. I’m going to be exclusively bumping fists at all the job interviews and business meetings I go to from now on.

in other news: Star Wars status updates!  (thanks Felix)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009



finally got me copy of the new Neal Stephenson book, and it is as awesome as you might expect. 

meanwhile, here’s a crazy story about going on the lam in the USA, with the whole of the internets chasing you.

Here is the latest episode of “…in Japan”, I think I’ll let the URL speak for itself:

and finally, a quick plug for three web-based businesses run by people I know. it probably breaks the unspoken terms of service of this site to post them, but its Christmas, could come in useful:

  • Cider Online – Broome Farm cider
  • Grannies, Inc – custom beanies knitted by grannies
  • Watch Me Go – nice affordable watches, including sweet-ass retro casio digital ones. 12% off if you use the code FRIENDSOFWMG at checkout.

[update]  and finally, here’s a DJ Cripple old school playlist: