Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Eminemmy Hill Who?

"Statistically speaking, there's at least one person on Earth who's a fan of Eminem and Benny Hill and Doctor Who. This video is for that freak."

Also, need that Pac-man hit, but at work and your colleagues watching your monitor for the wrong sort of pie chart action? The internet has the solution!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

For Paul: heavy metal band names chart


all neatly structured in an inverted pentagram. look out for "triple umlaut" subcategory, and see respected bands comedically dismissed under death --> pleas for help --> adolescent poetry

from http://comicvsaudience.blogspot.com/ via bb

ps, am loosely reminded of this onion article. and, fukkit, this one too. for any more you can do your own search for "metal" on theonion.com.  i won't even mention the "metal council convenes to discuss metal hand sign abuse" article, cos we all know that one.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Obama special!

the original (japanese, natch) website that these are from is down cos this got posted on bb, but i found a few around on the internets.  here they are just for you just for you!









and, finally, the one that confirms all your suspicions:







and totally unrelated, but just because it made me piss myself laughing:



thanks to http://ffffound.com/home/autodidactic/found/, original "in japan" link is the full photo set

and the original bb article...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Rising to it

Illogically I'm actually working harder now I'm a student (not to mention spending vastly less time stationed before a blinking terminal.)

So, the onion, eh? They've got their fingers on (in?) the pulse, certainly.

From "Lego does the physicists"

And, marginally more intellectually, LOLUSA

Bored? Why not play Bastard Tetris. Don't worry, it won't take you that long.

school shootings


Hands up who thinks I post too much from the Onion?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Why we're here... by HPL

Ever wondered what we're doing on this planet?  Where humans came from?  What will happen to us? 

Never fear - or, perhaps, do fear - HP Lovecraft supplies the answers, in cartoon form!


Thursday, 8 January 2009

the onion's profile of Israel

the onion's "our dumb world" google maps overlays are pretty funny.  this week they do israel, and it's pretty good.  no mentions of recent west bank antics i'm afraid:


if you get there late (ie they've changed the featured country) then zoom out on the map, go find israel, then zoom back.  you know where it is, right?

one million points for: outstanding robberies


My fave:

In September, a robber disguised as a gardener pepper-sprayed an armored car driver using a pesticide sprayer and ran off with a bag stuffed with $400,000 in cash. When police arrived seconds later, they found the sidewalk crowded with dozens of men decked out in the same attire as the perp: blue shirt, Day-Glo vest, safety mask and glasses. While the cops hacked through a forest of suspects, the real perp fled to a nearby creek and escaped in a waiting inner tube.

Turns out the unwitting decoys had been lured to the crime scene by a Craigslist ad that promised construction work to those showing up in a "yellow vest, safety goggles, a respirator mask … and, if possible, a blue shirt." A month later, following a lead from a homeless man who witnessed the preparation for the Brinks job, police arrested 28-year-old Anthony Curcio fresh from a Las Vegas vacation. Curcio is now charged with "Interference with commerce by threats or violence," because "Pulling the most awesome robbery ever" isn't listed in the U.S. code.

if you're not careful you might miss the best bit - "escaped in a waiting inner tube" - genius!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Atheist Buses rock!


Pic from the BBC article. I'm slightly worried it confirms a prejudice that atheists have a purely hedonistic outlook, but there you go.

So, if you haven't read one of the "new atheist" books yet, you should.  My favourite was Dan Dennett's cos he's one of my favourite philosophers, but I've been warming to Sam Harris having seen him in a few debates.  If you prefer watching videos to reading books (tsk tsk)*  here are a couple of atheism debates I've enjoyed recently:

Sam Harris vs one Rabbi Wolpe on atheism - a good one, quality debate on both sides.

Dan Dennet vs Dinesh D'Souza - less good, but I'm just a big Danny D fan. check out his awesome beard!  and Dinesh gets quite shouty...

Sam Harris essay in defence of elitism

I'm not putting any RD vids up, his voice is just too squeaky.


* OK so i've only read the one book.  i'm full of it.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Andy C & GQ vs Holy Ghost

Thanks Paul for slipping this one in in the comments.  Props also to Rohan, who posted a link to one of these on facebook. Great minds!



and just loads, loads more on yowtchowbe.  brilliant. I think there's a lesson to be drawn here...

In Japan...



A beautiful picture from the National Geographic International Photo competition but what really cracked me up was the caption:

"In Japan, ancestral spirits come back to their families in mid-August every year. People provide rest for the ancestors' spirits for three days and then send them back by putting them on lanterns to drift down river. Ms. Setsuko Sugino took this picture of a small girl praying for ancestral spirits, amid lanterns waiting to be set adrift into the foggy river in Shikoku, Japan."