Friday, 30 October 2009

the important think is – make a plan

choice excerpts:

“ZBSD: This term is coined in the context of this exercise as a descriptive term for a variety of similar situations,
the causes and taxonomical delineations of which have yet to be determined by the scientific community.
Hence, the phrase zombie behavior spectrum disorder or ZBSD must not be understood as a scientific or
medical diagnosis; but merely as a descriptive term covering a wide variety of behaviors having
somewhat similar public “event profiles” and public impacts. Note further that as the science of these
events evolves, further disaster planning exercises may be necessary to incorporate specific dynamics of
divergent outbreak etiology and behavior patterns.”

“Part 2 of the exercise will be a discussion of how the overall impact of a zombie outbreak will affect use of
and support for the course management system and will address such issues as: […]

  • d. The spread of ZBSD to institutional administration may complicate policy making;
  • e. Conversely, the spread of ZBSD to institutional administration may simplify and streamline policy
    making resulting in dramatic improvements in administrative responsiveness and service delivery;”

even footnotes!

“8 Lawrence, F. (2007). I Am Legend. In this documentary study of a ZBSD outbreak in New York City and
surrounding areas, Lawrence asserts that the zombies were effectively deterred by garlic. However, it can
be argued that the infected analyzed in Lawrence’s study were not, in fact, zombies at all due to their
conscious hunting behavior, inability to come out during the day, and volitional, fluid movement. Hence,
Lawrence may not be portraying ZBSD at all but part of what may be considered zombie behavior
spectrum disorder; in which some infected not at the “true zombie” part of the spectrum (cf. Schlozman,
op cit. fn 4) may in fact be deterred by the smell or presence of garlic. Once again, however, it is not the
purpose of this disaster preparedness exercise to enter into this scholarly discussion.”

etc etc etc.  outstanding stuff

Thursday, 29 October 2009

thanks Dave!

for my subscription to Viz!


hooray!  copyright Viz n that. get your own subscription or summink.

meanwhile, uptown:

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Did I mention

that my intertubes have been cut off? It's not easy, you know.

Which means I'll just fall back on posting links to Dresden codak:cave man sci-fi! Me go too far!

I cannot think of a subtle way to make a masturbation joke about this guy. (video!)

I have no way of watching the Klingons do Eminem at work, so I need someone else to look and tell me just how execrably bad it is.

(sidenote; if you ever get curious about what the the kids are being told that the kids are listening to...)

Back to work!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

this week’s unmissable news:


  • teenage mutant ninja… poodle?  (thanks dave). 


i don't know what's more impressive. the poodle or the lady behind it and her shirt.  more “extreme poodle grooming” (yes, there’s a name for it)


  • do you believe in evil?

skip to 4:16. identified thanks to  here’s a link to the orbital gig recordings, in case you’ve missed them… part 1.mp3 part 2.mp3




  • and, finally, the solution to the stupidity of youtube comments: FeynTube (thanks George)


have a good week!

Monday, 19 October 2009

no people!

this is from josh & jo’s blog about their recent crazy mission to vietnam on a train.  while they were in china they spotted this street sign which shows you some of the rules which you must obey:

here are some of the ones that struck me (in excel cell notation)

  • C1 – no wheelchairs? – a bit harsh, surely
  • C2 – no waving axes around - fair enough.
  • A3 – no skiing.  ok.
  • C3 – no throwing up. or, possibly, no spotting anything on the floor
  • D3 – no jumping through the air doing the splits in a Jean-Claude Van Damme stylee
  • A4 – no being a witch
  • B4 – no standing under your own raincloud
  • D4 – no 19th century safari hats
  • D5 – no people.

J & J are back safely, i believe.

In other news….

Friday, 16 October 2009

hooray for ben’s return!

here is my effort, paltry in comparison:

happy weekend!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Where was I?

Ah yes, Talking pianos. Clever.

And if you don't have enough SQL in your database, I'm sure corporate finance can fix that.

This is not satire.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

heroic little boy…

some stuff people i know have posted on facebook:

for mike:

this is sort of like looba-looba-yey, but worse:

(and an attempt to imitate it gone wrong, in many ways:

(now, the question is, is this enough for some evil ai data mining software to figure out who i am?)