Saturday, 20 December 2008

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

stick with it. there's a couple of genius cuts in there.

lots more fun at

also, this clip help me found out that speech from that luna-c track is from a 70s film called network. here's that speech in full. looks like a pretty good film...

Zombie Haiku

Need I say more?

Monday, 15 December 2008

Sunday, 7 December 2008

some historical facts about the garage scene...

and just in case it gets edited before you get to read it, here is the overview section at 07/12/08

DJ EZ (pronounced E-Zed) is a DJ from Tottenham, North London specialising in UK garage music. He is referred to as "London's Number One" within the UK garage scene.

His influences have come from up and coming young guns like Bonafide and Matty A. Both lyrical G's from LA & B-Town respectively. Ez learnt to mix through watching Matty A who would mix 3 decks with one hand and a blindfold whilst Bonafide is known for his wild antics with up to 23 decks at a time, mixing in up to 22 tunes at one time. The whole DJ / Mc scene was created by Matty A and Bone man in early 1986, when Matty A was born in LA. He soon joined forces with Bonafide to create the "look at us and you will be 6 feet deep crew" ever since, many wack Dj's / Mc's have been reported missing.

Monday, 1 December 2008

how i learned to stop worrying and love the death star

This is incredible. typical quote:

"Kubrick’s film presented a future of company men moving with assurance and clear intention toward a godlike minimalist object. Lucas, on the other hand, gave us a slapdash world of knuckleheads pursued by industrial-scale minimalists. Visually, Kubrick’s film is as seamless and smooth as the modernist authority it mirrored. Like the mid-century modernists, 2001 associated abstraction with the progressive ideals of the United Nations as embodied by its New York headquarters. Lucas, on the other hand, was a nonbeliever. Even the initially smooth and unitary form of the Death Star was shown, as the rebel fighters skimmed its surface, to be deeply fissured with an ever-diminishing body of structural fragments. These crenulated details suggested a depth and complexity to modern life that modernism’s pure geometries often obscured."

found on boing boing, which if you didn't know already, is the best blog on the internet (TM)

Update 2/12

I take it back.  I actually nicked this from Ken MacLeod's blog. For people other than Ben, Ken MacLeod is a science fiction author, who entertainingly sprinkles a lot of communist and anarcho-capitalist philosophy in his books. read 'em! the stone canal is excellent, as is the execution channel (a new one.  more of a techno-thriller than scifi)