Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the daily mash is bang on


Quite an explicitly political article this, and short on jokes (due to excess anger i guess).  here’s my favourite bit:

“But defence analyst Julian Cook insisted: "Britain's desire to be a big player on the world stage has delivered huge benefits including being dragged into a series of catastrophic wars with America's throbbing tumescence lodged firmly at the back of our throat, while at the same time being unable to afford decent roads, railways, schools and hospitals. It's what we call a 'win-win'.”

here’s a stick-figure guide to AES encryption. hands up anyone that read the whole thing?

brain machine kit – don’t leave home without it!

and one submission from Dave: dungeons for hire. something to do with d&d board games I think, correct me if i’m wrong?

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rule34(B) continued





[update 1] ok, so they use a drum kit… but check out their cover of metallica’s battery (or b’atari as they occasionally pronounce it). even more accomplished capella metal madness. outstanding.


[update 2] oh the giggles on this one just don’t end. check out their wikipedia page, where the band members are listed alongside their “instruments”":

  • Dennis Schunke (Sly) – lead vocals
  • Inga Scharf – higher lead vocals
  • Stefan Schmidt – lower rakkatakka vocals, wahwah solo guitar vocals
  • Ross Thompson – higher rakkatakka vocals
  • Ingo Sterzinger (Ike) – lowest dandan vocals
  • Bastian Emig – drums

Who’s up for (finally) starting the world’s first barbershop-gabber group then?  I’ll do the “lower dush-dush dzoing-dzoing vocals”…

Monday, 7 September 2009


thanks to Mike!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

rule 34(B)

“If you can hear it, there is barbershop of it.”

following on from last month’s rain-based example, here is a conclusive proof case:  barbershop Pink Floyd

unfortunately, the search for rule 34(C) – if you can hear it, there is a happy hardcore remix of it – has so far failed to find any example of country-happy-hardcore :( 

(cotton eye joe is not sufficiently authentic)

also: get ready for the US’s fully deniable laser weapons