Friday, 13 March 2009

And in case you missed it

image The economist's last edition LEADER was in support of drug legalisation.  Complete, unequivocal legalisation of all drugs.

choice quotes:

"That is the kind of promise politicians love to make. It assuages the sense of moral panic that has been the handmaiden of prohibition for a century. It is intended to reassure the parents of teenagers across the world. Yet it is a hugely irresponsible promise, because it cannot be fulfilled."

"Like first-world-war generals, many will claim that all that is needed is more of the same. In fact the war on drugs has been a disaster, creating failed states in the developing world even as addiction has flourished in the rich world. By any sensible measure, this 100-year struggle has been illiberal, murderous and pointless. That is why The Economist continues to believe that the least bad policy is to legalise drugs."

Meant to blog about it last thursday but failed.  Was too excited and didn't hit send.

Now when are they going to start with my other two favourite issues:

  • disbanding the army and replacing it with compulsory education in guerilla tactics and civil non-cooperation
  • banning all forms of advertising

I'll admit there are a few details to be worked out...

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