Sunday, 1 March 2009

I read the Onion so you don't have to

Actually, you do, but only selected articles:

Stripper Putting Herself Through Life

Suicide letter full of Simpsons references

CIA Awkwardly Debriefs Obama On Creation Of Crack Cocaine

Are violent video games adequately preparing our children for the apocalypse?


  1. haha, sorry not a very imaginative comment but i did promise. all kids should be made to watch threads to prepare them for nuclear holocaust


    maybe i'll download it!

  3. I always thought When The Wind Blows was a laugh. The Snowman / Father Christmas animation style made it seem even more sinister.

    Turns out all this stuff is on Youtube now, including all the comedy BBC documentaries on surviving an attack and the declassified US nuclear tests.

    "So I hear you went up against these things before"
    "So what did you do"
    "I died"

    Just thought I'd throw some Alien Resurrection in there for good measure.