Thursday, 19 February 2009

I say it's a hoax

"Pride & Predator" - definitely a hoax.

Best excerpt from the comments, however:

"Sounds great. To be be really effective it should be quite light on the Predator - have really long courtship scene in the countryside and then have the Predator just materialise in a tree and vaporise them. I am a man of simple tastes."


  1. Actually, my theory is that this is a PR trick. There's no way that 20th Century fox would every agree to this crap, so all they've got is some bullshit alien coming along and butchering costumed assholes.

    and now 20th century fox are gonna sue, which will attract even more publicity, but it's not going to work because no-one is going to see their piece of shit movie because they got all excited about THE FUCKING PREDATOR comin' down, and it's just going to be the aforementioned cheap imitation.

    zombies would have been cooler. or the aliens from mars attacks maybe. ack ack!

  2. I was about to quote the comment you quoted anyway... great minds.

    This is similar to the "Hellraiser" button remote we talked about in France a few times. When watching any tedious shit on the telly, just press the button and enter stage left: 4 cenobites, a dozen hooks on chains and a whole lotta gore. With a sufficiently advanced computer it could be done. Anything flesh coloured has hooks tearing it apart with blood/guts spilling out. You could even put effects on the speech to sound appropriate: "oh Mr Daaaaaaaarrrrrcy....". Then add a few choice Pinhead comments and you're laughing. "What manner of gift is this" "IT IS A KEY", etc. etc.

    Obviously we would have to add Aliens and Predator modes as well. And of course AVP modes ;). Or maybe have a pride and prejudice button when watching predator...

  3. Dammit Paul, blow the patent why don't you?

  4. please let it not be a hoax. though it would be a good hoax if it was, i just desperately want to see those 19C freaks getting vaporised by invisible alien hunters