Sunday, 8 February 2009

facebook group of the week: The fake tan midget and pirate porn appreciation society


The Description is worth sticking with until the end:

"to my utter dismay I have found a shocking lack of pirates shagging bleach blonde midget slags with fake tan caked on like they've been wrestling other female midgets in a field of mud, which i also have not been able to find!
or how about amputee porn particularly when they're covered in industrial Swarfega. Licking cats bumholes. Whilst singing Gregorian chants. Badly. While caressing the dead gullets of fish. ACROSS THEIR FAKE BREASTS. And pretending it's ostrich scat.
I demand a broader range of porn for the people who appreciate it for reasons other than sexual gratification, although if thats how you get your kicks, fair play!"

join now!

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