Saturday, 24 January 2009

For Paul: heavy metal band names chart


all neatly structured in an inverted pentagram. look out for "triple umlaut" subcategory, and see respected bands comedically dismissed under death --> pleas for help --> adolescent poetry

from via bb

ps, am loosely reminded of this onion article. and, fukkit, this one too. for any more you can do your own search for "metal" on  i won't even mention the "metal council convenes to discuss metal hand sign abuse" article, cos we all know that one.


  1. Hmm, disturbing that I have albums by so many of those on the list...

    ..but who the hell are "Satan's Awkward Gropings"? Sounds awesome. And "Mexican Santa"? From the Book Of Revelations!? I need to check 'em out.

    Harry you must be proud to see Dragonforce!

  2. dragonforce are like totally mainstream nowadays thanks to guitar hero. but they still ROCK.