Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Atheist Buses rock!


Pic from the BBC article. I'm slightly worried it confirms a prejudice that atheists have a purely hedonistic outlook, but there you go.

So, if you haven't read one of the "new atheist" books yet, you should.  My favourite was Dan Dennett's cos he's one of my favourite philosophers, but I've been warming to Sam Harris having seen him in a few debates.  If you prefer watching videos to reading books (tsk tsk)*  here are a couple of atheism debates I've enjoyed recently:

Sam Harris vs one Rabbi Wolpe on atheism - a good one, quality debate on both sides.

Dan Dennet vs Dinesh D'Souza - less good, but I'm just a big Danny D fan. check out his awesome beard!  and Dinesh gets quite shouty...

Sam Harris essay in defence of elitism

I'm not putting any RD vids up, his voice is just too squeaky.


* OK so i've only read the one book.  i'm full of it.

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