Sunday, 21 November 2010

Pacman in depth, and hilarious twitter bot

so, it occurs to me that occasionally some of the super-geeky links that my awesomse super-geeky colleagues turn up may be of interest to other chums. with that in mind, I present the most detailed analysis of pac-man in the world.

Did you know that pac-man corners slightly differently from the ghosts?  did you know the ghosts all have different personalities?  did you know that some of the intricacies of the timing algorithm of the jail mean that you can theoretically lock the ghosts away for the whole level if you do it right?  read on!

and also, some hilarious fellow has devised an AI twitter bot that looks for common global-warming-denial arguments and responds with automated tweet debunks.  The best thing about this is that, since the targets are essentially parroting common arguments, they're essentially no better than bots themselve, so they're essentially failing the turing test themselves. Credit to talking philosophy for that thought,  more info here.

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