Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Overthinking and undercutting

Like giving yourself a haircut, only more so

Nakatomi space

That is all

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  1. Splendid Lord Motz

    "Treated as an architectural premise, Die Hard becomes an exhilarating catalog of unorthodox movements through space."

    Yeah well, "treated as an architectural premise" your Mum becomes, etc. etc.

    Duuude the Rogozov story really should be made into a film. Like the thing only with auto surgery and in russian. Or something... The pictures are pure horror gold. The guy is seriously hardcore.

    I love this: "When Rogozov had made the incision and was manipulating his own innards as he removed the appendix, his intestine gurgled, which was highly unpleasant for us." Yeah and it was a fukin picnic for him