Monday, 19 October 2009

no people!

this is from josh & jo’s blog about their recent crazy mission to vietnam on a train.  while they were in china they spotted this street sign which shows you some of the rules which you must obey:

here are some of the ones that struck me (in excel cell notation)

  • C1 – no wheelchairs? – a bit harsh, surely
  • C2 – no waving axes around - fair enough.
  • A3 – no skiing.  ok.
  • C3 – no throwing up. or, possibly, no spotting anything on the floor
  • D3 – no jumping through the air doing the splits in a Jean-Claude Van Damme stylee
  • A4 – no being a witch
  • B4 – no standing under your own raincloud
  • D4 – no 19th century safari hats
  • D5 – no people.

J & J are back safely, i believe.

In other news….

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