Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rule34(B) continued





[update 1] ok, so they use a drum kit… but check out their cover of metallica’s battery (or b’atari as they occasionally pronounce it). even more accomplished capella metal madness. outstanding.


[update 2] oh the giggles on this one just don’t end. check out their wikipedia page, where the band members are listed alongside their “instruments”":

  • Dennis Schunke (Sly) – lead vocals
  • Inga Scharf – higher lead vocals
  • Stefan Schmidt – lower rakkatakka vocals, wahwah solo guitar vocals
  • Ross Thompson – higher rakkatakka vocals
  • Ingo Sterzinger (Ike) – lowest dandan vocals
  • Bastian Emig – drums

Who’s up for (finally) starting the world’s first barbershop-gabber group then?  I’ll do the “lower dush-dush dzoing-dzoing vocals”…


  1. Duuuude 80 million points

    The Ba'atari cover is fucking perfect. I love the insane stares on all the singers. Only in Germany...

    The drummer is good, but why not have beatboxing? Seems a shame.

    Reminds me of the Orbital acappella on The Altogether DVD "Satan! Satan! Satan! Satan!"

  2. ...which is 0:58 into this:


  3. this is tooo much!!!!!!!!!!