Sunday, 7 December 2008

some historical facts about the garage scene...

and just in case it gets edited before you get to read it, here is the overview section at 07/12/08

DJ EZ (pronounced E-Zed) is a DJ from Tottenham, North London specialising in UK garage music. He is referred to as "London's Number One" within the UK garage scene.

His influences have come from up and coming young guns like Bonafide and Matty A. Both lyrical G's from LA & B-Town respectively. Ez learnt to mix through watching Matty A who would mix 3 decks with one hand and a blindfold whilst Bonafide is known for his wild antics with up to 23 decks at a time, mixing in up to 22 tunes at one time. The whole DJ / Mc scene was created by Matty A and Bone man in early 1986, when Matty A was born in LA. He soon joined forces with Bonafide to create the "look at us and you will be 6 feet deep crew" ever since, many wack Dj's / Mc's have been reported missing.

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