Thursday, 19 June 2008

don't treat me like an object!

this is all over boingboing and the web in general. 


Forget animals or babies, the latest truly fashionable fetish of the moment is being "objectum-sexual".  This can get seriously weird, as when the lady pictured, who is not only in love with the Berlin wall, but also married to it (she says), describes her reaction to the events of 1989:

“When I saw it happen on TV, I closed the door. I felt shocked,” she says, sadly. “I loved my husband when he was in his prime – it took me 10 years until I could love him again after that. I just didn’t know who he was any more. It’s difficult to explain.”

As difficult as the hoff's jacket?  i don't know.  but read more here at, including, obviously, an exposition of the physical aspects of this deviant form of love...

"Winther makes the important distinction that, for OS people, physical union isn’t to be confused with masturbation. “If you masturbate, you see your partner as an object, something only to pleasure you,” she says. “When I have sex with the Berlin Wall, or a model of him, I want to please him too. That’s the big difference.”

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